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What do you think is necessary to be a good musician?

I like playing the drums, and I practice 3 hours every day.
Someday I would like being famous and having my own metal band, but what do you think is necessary to be successful as a musician?

I`m sorry, my english is very bad.

With modern drums there are 3 sides.
1.Sounding like a good drummer
2.Thinking like a good drummer.
3.More than just a Drummer

This requires plenty of practice but not just jamming , stick control, playing the rudiments, practicing linear grooves rudimentary grooves, odd time keeping.Control and proper motion is what you need to achieve. Use of ghost strokes and dynamic will help add touches of class to your playing. Use a practice pad a metronome and slow things down so you can play it properly.

Now this is the smart part of being a good musician, LESS IS MORE never forget that, overplaying will not get you work as a session or famous drummer.You need to play what the music asks for often you will have to just play a sweet little funky groove with maybe 2-3 fills in the song in total this is where you can add class originality and musicality to your playing.
Modern drummers have to hear everything that is going on and in a way act like a producer in the sense of making it all fit together and bringing it to life.

It is important to focus on what all you can do with your drumming, I would advise you to couple it with another instrument either bass or keys and then start using this to write and produce music.
Use software to record your drumming and use them in music you have written.Suggested software-Abelton, Reason, Cubase, Fruity loops, Wavelab these programs will allow you to write and produce and add your own live drums etc... makes drumming more fun and gets you to think like a drummer.
Being able to write and produce is a big thing and it will also get you to focus on what aspects of your drums you need to improve.

Goodluck n keep at it

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