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Can you plug a xlr mic into a 1/4 jack?

I have a "xenyx502" audio mixer and 3 XLR mics. Now 1 port is for an XLR connection that works fine and I get audio but the others are for dual 1/4 inch phono jacks. I have converted the XLR to dual phono but I do not seem to get any sound being produced from the 1/4 phono ports.

Everything including the connections to convert the mic's from XLR to phono are balanced I checked. But I can't seem to see the issue unless it is just not posable to do this but I would like to find out one way or the other.


The 1/4" connections are for line level inputs (outputs of MP3 players, keyboards, preamps).

In other words, they are designed to handle a much larger signal than a microphone puts out. So no, it won't work.

If you need to have 3 mics, you have a couple of choices:

- Buy an outboard 2 channel mic preamp, and then go from that into the mixer you have.

- Sell the mixer you have and get the Xenyx 1202 (which has 4 XLR inputs). They run about $90.

If it were me, I would go with the second option.

Good luck.

Greetings from Austin, TX

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